s/w DVD 1: ´Iwo Jima & Okinawa´ Discover the incredible story behind these two battles - perhaps the most heroic victories in the history of the Marine Corps. From the flag-raising on Mt. Suribachi to bloody Okinawa, it`s all here. ´The Battle for New Britain & Tarawa´ Through mud, sludge und blood, islands crawling with the enemy, the Marines add another page of glory to their combat tradition, as they battle for every inch of ground against deperate fanatics! DVD 2: ´Bouganville´ Facing 60.000 Imperial Army und Navy personnel in the area, the proud Marines capture Bouganville and the islands in the immediate vicinity, destroying Japanese superiority in the process. ´Saipan & Tinian´ The largest tank battle of the Pacific War, massed Japanese banzai charges and the horror of hundreds of civillians commiting suicide to avoid capture. The end of Imperial Japan is near! DVD 3: ´Inchon & the Chinese Counterattack´ General Douglas MacArthur`s assault on Icheron was a strategic masterpiece. Within two weeks, the North Korean army was largely destroyed or made ineffective. And then, the Chinese turned the side! ´Midway & Guam´ Midway... the turning point in the Pacific, theater for control of the high seas! Then, Marines retake Guam, 9 miles wide and 34 miles long, every square inch crawling with potential death. DVD 4: ´Battle for the Airfields´ Such deadly irony... the struggle for air superiority was won on the ground, and Marines found themselves flushing out every last pillbox to secure airfields all over the Pacific theater. ´The Korean War´ This savage ´conflict´ saw the Corps in a profound struggle againt the combined forces of North Korea and China. Although the mission was never entirely clear, Marines perserved - and prevailed. DVD 5: ´Marines Between Battles & After the A-Bomb´ Go behind-the-scenes and discover the world`s greatest fighting force on R&R - plus an extraordinary, in-depth look at the Marines after the devastation of Japan and its implications of conventional warfare. ´Helicopters & the End of the War´ A high-flying look at this versatile aircraft and how it redefined aerial combat, troop developement and rescue operations. What`s more, see our brave forces as they stand down-battles won, missions accomplished.

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Genre/Thema: Geschichte, Zweiter Weltkrieg
Tonformat: DD 2.0: Englisch Dolby Surround
Bildformat: 4:3
Ländercode: 0
Altersklasse: 18
Vertrieb: ZYX Music GmbH & Co.KG
Bestellnummer: jk162398
Laufzeit: ca. 480 Min.
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