´Rheingold´ In Patrice Chéreau`s illuminating, violent Bayreuth production of Das Rheingold, Wotan wears the brocade coat of feudal times while the Rhine seems to be a reservoir with a modern power station - but, as Chéreau states, it ´could also be many other things... a menacing construction, a theatrical machine to produce a river, an allegorical shape that today generates energy: perhaps a mythological presence, the mythology of our time... The gods` ascent to Valhalla (is) a defiant flight into the future.´ ´Darsteller´ Wotan - Donald McIntyre Donner - Martin Egel Froh - Siegfried Jerusalem Loge - Heinz Zednik Alberich - Hermann Becht Mime - Helmut Pampuch Fasolt - Matti Salminen Fafner - Fritz Hübner Fricka - Hanna Schwarz Freia - Carman Reppel Erda - Ortrun Wenkel Woglinde - Norma Sharp Wellgunde - Ilse Gramatzki Flosshilde - Marga Schiml Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele Leitung: Pierre Boulez Laufzeit: 143 Minuten ´Walküre´ The second part of Patrice Chéreau`s epoch-making Bayreuth ´Ring´ is a radical re-imaging of ´die Walküre´, unprecedented in its psychological penetration. ´This Wagnerian drama´, says Chéreau, ´which is at once classical theatre and domestic comedy, enables us to interpret the myths in terms that are both anecdotical and sublime ... With Wagner one is dealing with a drama tuned virtually white-hot by the music.´ ´Nothing ever seen before on television has given a better insight into Wagner`s genius.´ (The New York Times) Darsteller: Siegmund - Peter Hoffmann Hunding - Matti Salminen Wotan - Donald McIntyre Sieglinde - Jeannie Altmeyer Brünhilde - Gwyneth Jones Fricka - Hanna Schwarz Gerhilde - Carmen Reppel Ortlinde - Karmen Middleton Waltraute - Gabriele Schnaut Schwertleite - Gwendolyn Killebrew Helmwige - Katie Clarke Siegrune - Marga Schiml Grimgerde - Ilse Gramatzki Rossweisse - Elisabeth Glauser Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele Leitung: Pierre Boulez Laufzeit: 215 Minuten ´Siegfried´ ´The central part of the ´Ring´ tetralogy is precisely this: a hero has been created who would actually have had all the attributes of freedom, but nobody remembered to tell him...´ (Patrice Chéreau). ´One can only marvel at how enthrallingly Chéreau has made visible every ramification of this malignant idyll and bitter comedy. In its faithful service to this fabulously polished staging Brian Large`s video direction is a model´ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). ´Darsteller´ Siegfried - Manfred Jung Mime - Heinz Zednik Der Wanderer - Donald McIntyre Alberich - Hermann Becht Fafner - Fritz Hübner Erda - Ortrun Wenkel Brünnhilde - Gwyneth Jones Der Waldvogel - Norma Sharp Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele Leitung: Pierre Boulez Laufzeit: 228 Minuten ´Götterdämmerung´ In 1976 French director Patrice Chéreau`s cenentenary staging of Wagner`s ´Ring´-Cycle unleashed the greatest scandal in Bayreuth Festival history but, by the end of its last performance in 1980, this epoch-making production was acclaimed with an hour and a half of thunderous applause. ´Götterdämmerung presents a world in which no values exist any more. The only refuge is in the past´ (Chateau). ´The videotaped Bayreuth Ring succeed triumphantly.´ ´Darsteller´ Siegfried - Manfred Jung Gunther - Franz Mazura Alberich - Hermann Becht Hagen - Fritz Hübner Brünnhilde - Gwyneth Jones Guntrune - Jeannie Altmeyer Waltraute - Gwendolyn Killebrew 1. Norn - Ortrum Wenkel 2. Norn - Gabriele Schnaut 3. Norn - Katie Clarke Woghilde - Norma Sheep Wellgunde - Ilse Gramatzki Flosshilde - Marga Schmil Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele Leitung: Pierre Boulez Chor der Bayrether Festspiele Leitung; Norbert Balatsch Laufzeit: 248 Minuten Bonus-DVD: ´Der Ring des Nibelungen - The Making Of´ The partnership of Boulez, Chéreau und Peduzzi put Wagner`s ´Ring´ back where it belonged - at the centre of controversity. By the time it was last seen on the stage of the Festspielhaus in 1980, the production had taken its place as one of the historc achievements of the Bayreuth Festival. Working closely with video director Brian Large, Chéreau re-rehearsed his staging for the films taped at that time to recreate the experience on screen and to preserve career-defining performances from the original cast, headed by Donald McIntyre, Gwyneth Jones and Manfred Krug.

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Schauspieler: Pierre (Dirigent) Boulez

Genre/Thema: Musik, Klassik
Altersklasse: 6
Vertrieb: Universal Music
Bestellnummer: jk175150
Laufzeit: ca. 832 Min.
Preis: 132.- CHF


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