BOB DYLAN - 1941-1966/TALES FROM.. [SE] (+ CD)


BOB DYLAN - 1941-1966/TALES FROM.. [SE] (+ CD)
Bob Dylan is without doubt one of the three most influential and pivotal artist of the Rock age, with only The Beatles und Elvis Presley sharing this level of acclaim. It is therefore somewhat surprising that a documentary of this nature has never previously been compiled. In this film we take you behind the music to discover one of the defining artists of the 20th Century: From Bob Dylan`s schooldays we talk to people including his English teacher and the guitarist from his first schoolboy band. We follow his progress through his erbel days in college in Minneapolis to his phenomenal developenment in the burgeoning Folk clubs of New York`s Greenwich Village. We continue this in-depth journey through Bob Dylan`s golden age to the iconic status he gained in the mid-1960s through classic albums like Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde. We talk to British Folk legend Martin Carthy, charismatic 1966 world tour drummer Mickey Jones, biographers Clinton Heylin and CP Lee and ISIS editor-in-chief Derek Barker. This story of unparalleled musical achievements culminates with Bob Dylan`s infamous 1966 motocycle accident.

Schauspieler: Bob Dylan

Genre/Thema: Musik, Rock & Pop
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BOB DYLAN - 1941-1966/TALES FROM.. [SE]  (+ CD)

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