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Prepare yerselves for a loudass obnoxia-fest, folks: here's a muy fine 12- cut 45 rpm 12" of SCREE from Londons ATOMIC SUPLEX! This wild platter grabs a few cuts issued on 45s and adds on some never-ished MONSTERS.
One kicks off with the surfbeat propelled sax-honkin' outandout WAILIN' instro "ACTION TIME", proceeds to trash yer ass senseless via the frenetic poonkrawk thrash of "ROCK and ROLL MACHINE", down- shifts (fer just a tad, mind ye!) into the scuz-intro-then- bosharoo of "ROCK and ROLL ACTION", brings the dance party back via the roots/diddleycated thumper/ chantalong chugger "DIAMOND SKULL", then plonks into more ramped-up and sax-addled wail via "ATOMIC SUPLEXED BY A GIRL", and ENDS Side One with the short- fast-and-blunt "BATHROOM PARTY".
Side Two kicks in with the moto-revvin' screepunk "GIRL RIDE", leading smackdab into the bigriff and big- beat-propelled "I'M ON", then the Cochran-riffery of "ROCK and ROLL IS NEVER GONNA DIE", followed/answered appropriately with "ROCK and ROLL MUST DIE", the punkslammin' pace keeps on with "I AM ROCK and ROLL", then the lads abruptly change pace to end this wild ride with a SLOW GRINDER, "LITTLE BOY BLUES", a blownout puke-drenched gutter crawl."

Titel: Bathroom Party
Label: Crypt
Stil: New Action Sounds
Typ: LP
Preis: 24.- CHF

ATOMIC SUPLEX - Bathroom Party


Action Time
Rock'n'Roll Machine
Rock'n'Roll Action
Diamond Skull
Atomic Suplexed by a Girl
Bathroom Party

Girl Ride
I'm On
Rock'n'Roll is Never Going to Die
Rock'n'Roll Must Die
I Am Rock'n'Roll
Little Boy Blues

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