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Think Daktari style bongos with jungle animal sounds, female moans and caveman shouts to a distorted fuzz and funky flute. Exotica, funky hammond grooves, psychedelia, jungle noises, bongos and fuzz. Sounds interesting? In these days with a resurgence of vinyl there are numerous reissues, making it hard for some of the exceptional ones to stand out. Here we have a cool example. Credited to a session band called The Batkin Brothers, the record was originally released in the very late '60s (actual date unknown) and was only for sale in a chain of Italian adult shops. The 'Fono Sexy' record label put out just two singles and here we have the best track from each. With no sales in the 'normal' record shops, very few copies pressed and none sold outside of Italy, original copies are now almost impossible to find. Taking its cue from Arthur Lyman Group's 'Taboo', then spicing it up to a whirlwind of exotica around a pounding Hammond beat, makes 'Tropical' the stand out here. Flip the single over though and there's a distinct library feel to 'Problems', with The Chakachas, track 'Jungle Fever' springing to mind (did they take their cue from this?) as our heroine is heard enjoying some intimate time rather than having problems.
Limited to 500 copies. Presented in a full gloss 2-sided cover with 3mm spine, replicating the originals. Every copy comes with a large FONO SEXY sticker.

Titel: Tropical
Stil: Exotica/Strip
Typ: 7 inch (Single)
Preis: 14.- CHF




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