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There is not much to say about the music composed by James Bernard for the Dracula Hammer films. Everyone knows what to expect, and this version is probably the definitive edition, featuring remastered sound taken from the original analogue tapes.

For DRACULA, Bernard would compose his most demonstratively mature, symphonic music for films to date. The three note salutation has become internationally recognized as Dracula?s theme, while the rest of his full bodied score is as remarkable and memorable as the film itself.
Directed by legendary film maker Terence Fisher, with star making performances by both Cushing and Lee, and a thrilling score by a composer beginning to feel more confident of his gift, DRACULA became the standard by which all successive Hammer Film Productions would be measured.

Titel: Music From Dracula Hammer Films
Label: Contempo
Stil: Soundtracks
Typ: LP
Preis: 38.- CHF

BERNARD JAMES - Music From Dracula Hammer Films


1. Main Theme
('Dracula' 1958)

2. Inside Castle Dracula/The Lure Of The Vampire Woman/Dracula's Rage
('Dracula' 1958)

3. The Kiss Of Living Death
('Dracula' 1958)

4. Funeral In Carpathia
('Dracula' 1958)

5. Finale Confrontation And Climax/The Fall Of Dracula
('Dracula' 1958)

6. Finale: Dracula And The Crucifix
('Dracula Has Risen From The Grave' 1968)

1. The Blood Of Dracula
('Taste The Blood Of Dracula' 1970)

2. Romance: The Young Lovers/Shadow Of The Tomb
('Taste The Blood Of Dracula' 1970)

3. Raid To The Ruined Church
('Taste The Blood Of Dracula' 1970)

4. Romance At Dusk
('Taste The Blood Of Dracula' 1970)

5. Dracula
Triumphant/Pursuit/The Death Of Lucy
('Taste The Blood Of Dracula' 1970)

6. The Victory Of Love
('Taste The Blood Of Dracula' 1970)

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