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Limited Edition 99 handnumbered copies. Funky sounds from a sweet array of 70s underground movies - most of them of the porno or exploitation type, and filled with stunningly hard-edge grooves that match the bigger blacksploitation film scores of the time!
We'd not heard most of the tracks here before - nor heard of most of these movies, either - and the set's definitely got the right sort of 70s vibe, and a completely tight focus on the hardest, heaviest sorts of grooves - of the type you'd hear in a movie like Coffy or Black Caesar!
Titles include
"Wood" by Eddie Warner
"Liar" by Zuke Zane
"Belly Dance" by Ganja Express
"Main Theme" by Craig Safan
"Around The World With Fanny Hill" by Georg Riedel
"N*gger Rich" by Ernie Banks And Phil Moore III
"Title Theme" by Get Em Off
"Fragment Of Fear" by Johnny Harris
"Lady Lovin" by Berry Lyman

Titel: DJ Qbico Plays Unreleased Funk, Soul, Jazz and Rare Groove Soundtracks
Stil: Soundtracks
Typ: LP
Preis: 49.- CHF

VARIOUS ARTISTS - DJ Qbico Plays Unreleased Funk, Soul, Jazz and Rare Groove Soundtracks


Get 'Em Off - Title Theme
(striptease doc, mostly filmed at Nell Gwynne Stry club, Soho, London, 1976)

Merhaba - Main theme (Turkey, 1976)

Ernie Banks/Phil Moore III - Nigger Rich
(Baby needs a pair of shoes,
Blaxploitation, 1974)

Georg Riedel - Around The World With Fanny Hill
(soft-core porn, 1974)

Craig Safan - Main theme, opening credits
(Good guys wear black, Martial Arts, 1978)

Frankie Gaye/William Anderson/Andre Douglas
End theme
(Penitentiary, Blaxploitation, 1979)

Johnny Harris - Fragment of fear
(Drugs/crime, 1970)

Eddie Warner - Wood
(Erotic Diary of a Lumberjack, Porn, 1974)

Luke Zane - Liar
(opening credits, Ich - ein Groupie, Sweden Exploitation, 1970)

Ganja Express - Belly Dance
(drugs/adult, 1978)

Fernanda G. Marcilla - Title theme
(Night of the Sorcerers,
Spain horror, 1974)

Jack Wheatan - End theme
(Penitentiary 2, Blaxploitation, 1982)

Lamant Johnson/Blue Mitchell - Jam
(Thunderfist, Kung-Fu Blaxploitation, 1973)

Berry Lyman - Lady lovin'
(Sex World, adult, 1978)

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