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Previously unreleased soundtrack of the french/german porn movie from 1985. Also known as
Love in Paradisen (original title) - Desert Lovers
or in West Germany Heiße Liebe im Wüstenland.

"Desert Lovers" is a minimal synth soundtrack, you can imagin thru the music rhythm bodies making love to each other, camel walk and desert winds. 1980's movie soundtracks are the perfect source for unspent and fresh original vintage music. The music is produced by the swiss couple PJ and Stella Wassermann, bether known as Schaltkreis Wassermann, who were active during the early 1980's. Some of their records you can still find in our swisspostpunk section.

Black vinyl. Including free download with bonus tracks + foldout poster + vibrator + 2 erotic stickers.

We carry up today the biggest selection of Private Records releases, this since the beginning in 2010 of this Berlin based label!
Unfortunately we had to stop working with them in 2020 because there was NO more trust base. Be careful if you deal directly with the label!

Titel: Desert Lovers
Label: Private Records
Stil: Soundtracks
Typ: LP
Preis: 55.- CHF

Peter J. Wassermann / Daniela Wassermann  - Desert Lovers


Side 1:
Desert Lovers Theme 6:10
Dune Dance 6:40
Jeep Race 5:32
Desert Of Love 7:49

Side 2:
Sandstorm 7:01
Arabian Love 5:46
Desert Lovers Theme - Instrumental 6:08
Nymphomaniac 6:45

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