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Obviously, the SWISS Punk & Wave releases from the 1970s and, partly also from the 1980s, are of great international renown among aficionados.
The title track of the movie is I Think I Should Stop To Talk and was recorded in a contemporary as well as a Punk version by Flurin Giger. Most of the other tracks on the record are Swiss Old School Punk & Wave classics! Veritable milestones from the pioneering days are Hot Love by the Nasal Boys and Impossibilities by the Bastards. Furthermore, two absolute favourites by Mother's Ruin: Danny Hot Dog and Godzilla. Both are songs from records that have been waiting an eternity for a full re-release, just like the howler No More Love by Sperma. Previously already newly mastered are I've Gotta Whole Lotta Love by Rudolph Dietrich's Band Kraft durch Freude and Razzia by TNT. On the other hand, Vorwärts distinguishes itself as the only band still active and is represented on this record with their original stunner TV Generation. The songs La Serveuse by Sida und Last Chance by The Squirt are, in contrast, from Punk bands that had not formed before the 1980s. Also, prior to this release there was little known about these two bands because they haven't been documented in any manner before. As bonus Tracks that don't appear in the movie, the two crackers Cry For Fame by Dieter Meier (Yello) with Fresh Color and The Source by Fresh Color were pressed on this record the first time on vinyl since their release in 1978.
ATTENTION: Since October 2018 the record includes the full movie (DVD), this only at Klang und Kleid! A 16 page Fanzine, the movie Poster and comes in a gate fold cover!

Label: Swisspunk
Stil: Swisspunk
Typ: Boxed Set
Preis: 24.- CHF



Side A
Flurian Giger - I think I should stop to talk
Sperma - No More Love
Mother's Ruin - Danny Hot Dog
Mother's Ruin - Godzilla
Kraft durch Freude - I've gotta whole lotta love
Vorwärts - TV Generation
TNT - Razzia

Side B
Sida - La Serveuse
The Bastards - Impossibilities
Nasal Boys - Hot Love
The Squirt - Last Chance
Dieter Meier and Fresh Color - Cry For Fame (extra Song)
Fresh Color - The Source (extra Song)
Flurian Giger - I think I should stop to talk (Punk Version)

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