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"The concept of Rouen Dreams - like the cover by Bart Johnson - is an interior voyage: Hollywood seen from the eyes of a Frenchman who has never been there, but knows that no matter in what part of the world we live, our collective unconscious has been shaped (brainwashed) by the "dream factory. Musically, the album is inspired by a sort of tradition of weird pop from Francois Werthheimer to Dashiel Hedayat? as well as seeking its roots in music ranging from the very popular Gilbert O'Sullivan to the baroque experimentations of Stevie R Moore. If you like to immerse yourself in weird popisms, in sweet and syrupy madness, we'd like to welcome you to Rouenllywood. Roll up for the mystery tour."

Brandnew 2019 Lion Productions pressing, including insert.

Titel: Rouen Dreams
Stil: Weird Tunes
Typ: LP
Preis: 23.- CHF

Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe & Friends - Rouen Dreams


Ouverture Rouenllywood 4:12
Lushy Life 5:02
Le chteau 2:52
Comme une Video Star 3:00
La forteresse de solitude 3:58
The Girl Who Was Talking In Reverse 2:00
Just In Time 3:13
La Gouverneur de California 3:20
Hollywood 2:37
Me voil seul encore une fois
Hollywood Parties Remix

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