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For the first time officially rereleased as vinyl Tortilla Flat's; Fr Stndchen, originally recorded in winter 1974 and released in early 1975 as a private pressing. The instrumental album ist very flute and electric piano driven, with very exciting guitar playing accompanied by a rocking drumming with slightly jazzy influences and nimble bass lines, very tight! Many mention Supersister as a comparison, Kraan`s first album, or Brainstorm or Mel Collins` Circus (Crack in the cosmic egg ), but all this is not really true. In fact the music is very unique, not typical Krautrock, but psychedelic, complex but very tuneful, slightly Jazzrock influences and a little bit British Canterbury sound. Many flute soloing, exciting great fuzzing guitar soloing and an impressing electric piano sound with that special teutonic Krautrock feel, this is Tortilla Flat on their sole album, hard to describe but really great and pleasent to listen to and for sure a classic German progressive underground album. Played by well trained musicians with great composition skills. Album insert comes with full band story, rare and unseen photos. All titles are remastered and the sound ist brillant. A must have for all lovers of the great German Underground and Krautrock Scene in the1970ties.

Titel: Fr Ein Stndchen
Label: Long Hair
Stil: Kraut Beaters
Typ: LP
Preis: 32.- CHF

TORTILLA FLAT - Fr Ein  Stndchen


Side 1:
Tortilla Flat

Side 2:
Leere, Chaos, Schpfung
Obit Anus, Abit Onus

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