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This is the first official reissue on vinyl of ultra rare album 'Hyperthalamus' from 1975 of Hamburg group Dennis. Dennis were a kind of session group including a collection of musicians from Frumpy, Tomorrows Gift, Thirsty Moon, Xhol, playing free-rock to enthusiastic festival goers (according to A crack in the cosmic egg). Leading member was Frumpy drummer Carsten Bohn (the band was named after his son). But keyboarder Manne Rrup (of Tomorrows Gift fame), Michael Kobs and Willi Pape (of Thirsty Moon fame) were musicians with equal rights and certainly great musical abilities. 'Hyperthalamus' comes across as a collection of extracts from acid-jams and freak-outs with a hybrid of progressive, psychedelic and cosmic styles, notably elements of late Tomorrows Gift, Thirsty Moon, and even hints of Embryo and Guru Guru: a musical melting pot of surprising diversions and fusion sounds (acc. to A crack in the cosmic egg). The album is ultra rare and we are happy to present it to a proper price for all lovers of the music of above named comparable music groups of the time. Thanks to Warner Music for given us the opportunity to use the recordings from their archive to receive the best sounding as possible. This first edition comes as limited edition with band story and mastering. As the reviewer in 'A crack in the cosmic egg' writes: Its a little known classic. It should be known!

Titel: Hyperthalamus
Label: Long Hair
Stil: Kraut Beaters
Typ: LP
Preis: 32.- CHF

DENNIS - Hyperthalamus


A1 Do Your Own Thing 7:00
A2 Others Do 4:00
A3 Already 7:00
B Grey Present Tense 19:37

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