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6 CD-Box and Booklet, on Dressed To Kill

When compiling this set, certain forces way beyond anyones control came into play, creaing circumstances, perhaps coincidental, perhaps not, which have left me, less of a sceptic than I would have confessed to previously being.

All of these events will be explained in some detail in the booklet within, but just to offer a minor example, the barcode number which is not designated by the record company, emerged with the three initial digits - 666.

Any potential purchaser should also be aware that many of the incantations contained within are spoken by Crowley himself and are associated with the "Black Arts" (summoning demons and visiting them upon ones enemies).

They are deemed in many sophisticated and intellectual quarters to be quite genuine in their purpose.

The booklet also contains images of a violent and sometimes sexual nature which may cause offence.

If any of this material is liable to offend or frighten you, please do not purchase.
You have been warned.

Titel: Satanic Verses
Stil: The Devil/Satan
Typ: CD
Preis: 62.- CHF


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Disc 1:
1.Every Man And Every Woman Is A Star
2.Love Is The Law - Love Under Will
3.Sigil Of The Masters Therion
4.666 - 418 - 93
5.The Scourge, The Dagger And The Chain
6.Aning Ning Ning
7.Osiris Risen
Disc 2:
1.The Call Of The First Aethyr (Enochain Version)
2.The Call Of The First Aethyr (English Version)
3.The Call Of The Second Aethyr (Enochian Version)
4.The Call Of The Second Aethyr (English Version)
5.La Gitana
6.The Pentagram
7.One Sovereign For The Woman
8.The Poet
9.At Sea
10.The Fingernails
11.The Titanic
12.Hymn To The American People
13.Excerts From The Gnostic Mass
14.Viva La French Republic
Disc 3:
1.Word Of Aeon
2.Word Of Aeon (part two)
3.Phallus erectus
4.Phallus Risen
5.Penetration And Pain
6.Excerpt From The Pentagram Hyman
7.Six Of Cups
Disc 4:
3.Pornographic Hymn (1)
4.Pornographic Hymn (2)
7.Gnostic Mass And Obscene
9.The Dagger And Penis
10.The Dagger, Penis And Vagina
Disc 5:
2.Hanged Man
Disc 6:
1.Reporting The Beast
2.Reporting The Sabbat
3.Unholy Communion
4.One Sovereign For The Beast
5.The Sabbat

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