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Funky beach vibes, psychedelic world music, sitar and cosmic synths produced by Austrian musician Gerhard Heinz in 1984 for the tropical porn movie "The Story Of The Dolls" aka "The Dolls" aka "Taifun Der Zrtlichkeit". "The Story Of The Dolls" was produced by cult porn Director "Hubert Frank" and featuring several Penthouse and Playboy as well some famous 1980's hard core porn stars. The movie exist in 2 version uncut and TV version. This porn soundtrack which remained unreleased and was never available on vinyl before.
200 copies Pink vinyl, poster, sticker.

We carry up today the biggest selection of Private Records releases, this since the beginning in 2010 of this Berlin based label!

Titel: The Story Of The Dolls
Label: Private Records
Stil: Soundtracks
Typ: LP
Preis: 39.- CHF

GERHARD HEINZ - The Story Of The Dolls


A1 Story Of The Dolls Intro 0:25
A2 Story Of The Dolls Theme 3:01
A3 Tropical Nights 1:42
A4 Love Chase 4:09
A5 Danger Zone 1:08
A6 Tropical Storm 0:56
A7 Suspense Theme 4:12
A8 Beach Cruiser 2:21
A9 Cocktail Nights 1:25
B1 Asian Love Story 2:09
B2 Beach Break Time 2:50
B3 Summer Breeze 3:04
B4 Spanish Fly 3:03
B5 Samba Filipino 4:18
B6 Welcome 0:12
B7 Evil Natives 1:30
B8 Viva La Guitarra 1:34
B9 Story Of The Dolls Outro 1:45

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