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The best-kept secret of Swiss Punk!

SIX PACK from Lausanne got it's start in January 1981. Dominique "Fonz" Tschanz (vocals/guitar), Gérald Pereira (vocals/bass) and Alain Aldag (drums) rehearsed for a one off gig at the Green Rabbit Punk Festival in Lausanne. But things got out of control and it turned out differently. The crowd went mad and pogoed from start to finish. So the band kept on practicing and further shows (with DISCOLOKOSST, HLM, STARSHOOTER to name just a few) followed soon. Their repertoire was growing constantly and in April/May they recorded a demo-tape. The band was on it's peak and their live-recordings (without audience) for the program Rockline at the Swiss radio turned out as the best they ever did.
The year came to an end with several shows at the Cabaret Orwell in Lausanne and two in Geneva. The second one, on new years eve, sadly was their last appearance.
The band split up for different reasons: the landlord was an arsehole and kicked the boys out of the of the rehearsal room. Alain, quite a lot older than Dominique und Gérald, couldn't be bothered to take care of everything by himself all the time and finally everyone in the band wanted to head musically in a different direction.

Edition of numbered 100 copies (200/300) in yellow vinyl! (these 2 songs are NOT from the same recordings than the songs from the LP!)

Edition spéciale (100 piece) du morceau "Cardinal" et "Working In A Bank" sera éditée en 45 tours en couleur jaune.

Titel: Cardinal / Working In A Bank
Label: Swisspunk
Stil: Swisspunk
Typ: 7 inch (Single)
Preis: 12.- CHF

SIX PACK - Cardinal / Working In A Bank


Side A:

Side B:
Working In A Bank

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