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Music & Sound effect highlights from the classic italian series.

Is there anyone who doesn´t remember this permanently pratting linear chap who filled the gaps on our 70´s teatime telly and soon also surfaced in cinema and advertisements?
But what´s his name and where did he come from?
Despite his subliminal fame still little is available About this figure outside italy. Even in these dotcom days there are hardly any details to be found in the net about this chap, athough he´s part of the hey-day of the "fumetto", as the italians call their cartoons.

The creator of the choleric little guy is Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli, who baptised him with the simple "la linea".
Cavandoli, living in Milan since the age of two, became famous for this simple but brilliant graphic conception, a true highlight of Italian "fumetto". "Sometime in 1969 I was tidying up my desk and I also started to declutter all the things in my mind that tied me to the past. With the experience and knowledge I had gained during my working years, I knew I had to leave the beaten track and mark my own path. There I was, staring at the blank paper, scribbling. The pen was permanently moving, drawing lines. As I looked down on the lines I suddenly realised that the best idea was to cut things down to one single line and say everything I wanted to express with this one line."

Artistically as well as commercially the series were a huge success: from 1972 on approximately 100 episodes were shown on TV in 40 countries all over the world. A truly triumphant beginning that left is traces in several advertisements, five books and hundreds of illustrations for magazines, calendars and posters - to name but a few. The animotion won renowned awards at international film festivals such as "Best Comic-Strip" in Annecy in 1972 and in the following year it won another award in Zagreb. Within no time, Cavandoli found himself honorary citizen of Milan as well as being a jury member at cartoon and animation festivals.

The perfect match to Cavandoli's illustrations are the unforgettable sound effects and the music of the series. There were a couple of striking rumours amongst fans as to the origin of the 'voice', ranging from "Arabic, spoken backwards" to electronically generated sounds. Good shots as they were, the truth is much more simple: Since the very beginning, "la linea's" voice originates from synchronizer Carlo Bonomi. "la linea", and all the other side characters of both sexes, come to life without any technical aid but only through Bonomi's extremely variable organs of speech, with which he manages to cover a whole range of emotions - those incomparable, unforgettable outbursts of rage and joy.

The present CD/VINYL is the result of tracing the single white line back to his origins. It is divided into two parts. The first (track 1-19) presents the music of the la linea series - of course. Mr. Linea wouldn´t always keep completely quiet....
The listener then may decide whether he has enough energy left to listen to some complete soundtracks from a couple of well-chosen episodes, where our little hot-heades pal will threat the listener to unique soundfs and some of this notorious outbursts (track 20-26).

As you see, we accelerate the madness Stepp by Stepp - stick with it and enjoy!

Titel: La Linea CD
Label: Crippled Dick Hot Wax
Stil: Soundtracks
Typ: CD
Preis: 10.- CHF



Countdown Undo/Linea Uno - (Dip-Di Casa Mix)
Linea Cinque Impaziente (Risata Uno)
Linea Tre Jazz Rapido
Zampognaro (Linea Preludio)
Linea Cinque Originale
Lui Commento Linea Tre Jazz Rapido
Linea Uno Voce Originale
Countdown Due
Sonatore Di Wild West
Inea Cinque Variante
Linea Cinque Bossa
Risata Due (Linea Cinque Rock)
Linea Amore (Linea Cinque Midi)
Linea Quattro
Linea Cinque Chitarra
Baiubadu (Linea Due)
Trazom A.W. Edit
Vent'Anni Dopo
La Linea Sequito 206 Chitarra
La Linea Seguito 125
La Linea Seguito 132
La Linea Seguito 8
Baiubadu (Linea Due) Finale

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