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In 1965-66, The Bush ruled the teen scene in Californias Inland Empire with smash hits on the local charts and throngs of fans flocking to their gigs. Originally called the Bushmen, they were the first band in their area with the longhaired Rolling Stones look. After they opened for the Stones in 1965 they became local superstars almost overnight. Girls wanted to sleep with them while envious guys either wanted to beat them up or be them.

The 16 very best Bush tracks (13 previously unreleased) packaged in a heavy-duty old-style jacket with glossy insert and full liners.
Limited edition of 1000.

Titel: Got BUSH If You Want It
Label: Ugly Things
Stil: Sixties Garage Kings and Losers
Typ: LP
Preis: 32.- CHF

BUSH - Got BUSH If You Want It


Feeling Sad & Lonely
I Want Your Love
Hard to Find
Got Love If You Want It
Gonna Treat You Bad
Play With Fire
I Know
I'm Wanting Her

To Die Alone
I Feel Good
Who Killed the Ice Cream Man? (demo)
It's Alright
Sit Down, Shut Up (Don't Talk)
You're No Good
You Can't Do That
Evil Hearted You

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