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From a group of fun-loving highschoolers in Akron, Ohio Red Headed Flea features one of the wildest screams in R&R history. Killer teenage R&R stomp and a sought-after 45 rarity of the late 1950s! Great picture sleeve & liner notes complete the reissue of the first single on White Label records by the Caps. Highly recommended!!

The long-overdue reissues of White Label Records four singles by THE CAPS!
These carefully researched historic documents have been prepared in collaboration with band leader and guitar player Ray Salmons who provided scrapbooks filled with detailed information and photos of the band, original 45s, interviews with other surviving band members and his invaluable support and friendship! Ohio music collector and archivist George Gell contributed with great liner notes and bios for every single.
Brand new full color sleeve art was created for all four releases to complement these great 45s.

"Heisses Sax getriebenes Instrumental ausm 1959. Als Rock'n'Roll noch Spass machte".
(Nus Ledda)

Titel: Red Headed Flea
Label: Get Hip
Stil: Rock'n'Roll: 50's
Typ: 7 inch (Single)
Preis: 8.- CHF

CAPS - Red Headed Flea


Red Headed Flea
Daddy Dean

Get Hip
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