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The approach here was to focus on the songs, and cut out the monologs which normally take up a bunch of space on an Abner Jay record (though actually the spoken intros are transcribed and included as an insert to this LP). Given the time limits of the LP format, it's wise to cut out some window dressing. Cutting the chatter also seems to give this music more weight, more teeth - the comedy element changes the tone to the point where it threatens to undermine the intensity of the songs.
Still there's enough of the Abner Jay banter to get the flavor, and the monologs are sort of intrinsic in several songs. There a few cuts shared between this & the Subliminal Sounds CD comp of a few years back (the only other Abner Jay album you'll be likely to find), but mostly different tracks.
A couple tracks with a full band - still pretty minimal, but more than the one-man band setup normal for Abner Jay. These tracks are a little surprising - old school country ballads sounding almost in the vein of like Eddy Arnold or Marty Robbins. But mostly it's Abner on his six string electric banjo (sonically, its basically a guitar with a nice, sharp attack) with vox & harmonica, kicking out time on a bass drum and high hat, in a style maybe closer to something like Leadbelly - not exactly blues, typically.I guess technically these would be considered folk ballads, but coming out of a dark, rural funk - deep, deep south. Drugs, depression, women, fishing, Vietnam - Abner Jay tends to weigh in on themes like these. Jay loved to go off on his background, playing & singing since he was a kid sharecropping on Georgia plantations (c.1930s), and this stuff is ancient, in form if not content, but I guess most of these tracks were recorded in the '60s or '70s, while Jay was an entertainer in Atlanta bars. This stuff is the real deal, and as said before, one of a kind.
No less than four inserts:
a bio - repro of Abner Jay's self penned onesheet, looks like -
a nice looking promo photo,
a little pamphlet advert from when Abner was playing the Steven Foster Museum Center in White Springs, FL,
and the aforementioned transcription of the excised monologs.
Incredible stuff - you know this wont be around for long.

Titel: True Story Of
Label: Mississippi
Stil: Blues
Typ: LP
Preis: 34.- CHF

ABNER JAY - True Story Of


I'm So Depressed
St. James Infermiry Blues

Woke Up This Morning
My Mule
Ol Man River
Don't Mess With My Baby
I Am Georgia Bound
The Reason Young People use drugs

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